Saturday, June 6, 2009

How this works

Here's a story:

Late one night in Prague, Alex, Leah and I were having margaritas in a cool Mexican restaurant down the street from our hotel (this is a separate story, please refrain from asking questions at the moment); anyway, we decided that we are all nerds who read too much.  I mean I have an excel spreadsheet of every book I've ever read.  We all like to talk about books - yet, since we all live in different places, sometimes its hard to get together and talk about our mutual obsessions.

So, after said margaritas, we went back to our hotel, and in a moment of perfect clarity (in the bathroom, naturally), the idea for the 3BBooks Blog was formed!

So - here's what you do:

1. Read a book - any book.  I don't care if its Twilight or War and Peace.

2. Post on the blog a little blurb of what its about, what you thought, etc.  No need to go into great detail.  And seriously, we're not literary critics - we're just sharing books, like you would share a pitcher of good beer.

3. Comments are welcome.  We don't expect everyone to have the same tastes in books, but it'll be fun to see what we mutually enjoy, hate or feel conflicted about.

So... read a book, enjoy the blog, and share the love :-D

The Founders: Fried Dough Balls, Kassie & Alex (hahaha... Leah's "a savant of sorts")

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