Monday, October 19, 2009

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

After delving into the world of Cal Stephanides, you will have no doubt as to why this novel is the winner of the Pulitzer Prize. Easily the most well-narrated novel I have ever read, I couldn't help but feel as if the story was being told directly to me as if I was having a conversation with the main character. In the grand scheme of things, the main idea is about a hermaphrodite; the narrator was born Calliope Stephanides, only to become Cal at 16. But as a whole, this novel is so much more. From the sordid history of his family tree, to the riots in Detroit in the 1960s, no question is left unanswered. The stark honesty of Cal's words is what really makes this a page turner. If you have nothing to read at the moment, there is no other book I would recommend more highly than this one.

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