Thursday, July 30, 2009

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Despite by VERY wordy, Victor Hugo is very wise.  

He knows all about men, Parisians, and so many other insightful musings about life, love, sadness, misery, pain, history, philosophy, society, science, academics, friendship, women, fashion, war, religion, convents, food, parents, furniture arranging and gardening.  In short, he is an expert on everything.  

How very French of him.

Hugo's characterization of the entire strata of French society in the 19th century is truly enlightening, and you catch yourself humming "One Day More" occasionally.  Being a little bit of a French history buff myself, I can say that I have a new appreciation for the French Revolution, Louis-Phillipe and Napoleon.

But after 1200 pages - I'm ready to just sit back and watch the musical. 

I would say this is a must read - but it is not light bedtime reading.  Expect it to take you a LONG TIME.  

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